Proposal Set Up Service Singapore

Let's be honest - planning a memorable proposal is not easy.

Here are common issues faced when our clients, personal friends & family who chose to decorate the venue of proposal themselves: 

  1.  It's ALOT of work!
    From sourcing for locations & decorations to finalizing the game plan to get her to the location, there will be a lot of things to plan. Most importantly - they needed to do keep it a surprise from her. Its so overwhelming that for some they accidentally let it slip, and the surprise of her lifetime is ruined. 

  2. There is only ONE CHANCE to get it right
    The concept of "practice makes perfect" cannot be applied. How do you execute a memorable proposal - when it is also the first time you are doing it?

  3.  Regrets...
    The memory of the proposal should be on the significance of popping the question & subsequent celebrations. Instead, for some, the memory of their proposal is about them rushing around, being all sweaty & not able to enjoy in the once in a lifetime moment. 

  4. Costs 
    Think that it is cheaper when you decorate your own venue? Thank again!
    For some big scale props - it's expensive & it used only once. For others, you may need to double up because things will go wrong. It adds up rather significantly, you can actually may save by engaging professionals to get it done for you. 

  5. Clean Up 
    After popping the question, everything is beautiful. Then the awkward moment comes when you both have to start cleaning up the area. Its not an entirely beautiful memory to the start of the engaged life. 

Hence, after seeing our friends face these issues and struggled, we've decided to use our experience from wedding planning & set ups and to provide a full Proposal Set Up Service.

From only $348 onwards, our all inclusive & fuss-free set up allows you to avoid facing all the issues above & fully immerse in the moment of a lifetime. Click the link below for our fully transparent & customizable packages offered: 

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Naysayers : "Isn't it insincere?" 

It is not insincere as you are still the one who is planning the proposal. You have the complete say of how you want it to turn out entirely, and you are still planning the flow of the entire proposal which is the ultimate test of how well you know your girlfriend. 

We are just helping you do the heavy lifting of decorating the place, and getting the venue suitable to be part of the important moment.

So, its definitely not insincere to want your proposal to go perfectly, to create the picture perfect memory and wanting to fully immerse in the moment that you are going to ask the girl of your dreams to marry you 😉


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