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Ordering Process

How do I place an order for a Plush Toy bouquet?

How do i place an order (for regular items)

Can I purchase only the plush toy / balloon alone without the flower bouquet?

Is _____ still available? Availability of _____?

Can I come by your office/shop to view and purchase the item on the spot?

_____ is currently sold out on your website, can I check when will there be restocks?

How long in advance should I place my order?

Can I do cash on delivery / collection?

_____ is not available on your website. Is it available?

Can I request a picture of how the bouquet will look like?

Delivery & Self-Collection

What are the delivery / self-collection options?

Earliest delivery/ self-collection?

Same-day delivery / self-collection

Where is the self-collection?

What are the delivery timeslots?

How much is delivery?

How long does it take to deliver?

How does the delivery work?

What happens if the recipient is not around to receive the item?

Restricted delivery locations

What is “Shipping Address” and “Billing Address”?

Do I have to fill in the Sender's information ("Billing Information")?

I wish to send the item as a surprise, am I able to do it?

I wish to send the item anonymously, am I able to do it?

I require my order to be delivered to be in the but I do not wish to pay extra for the specific timing. Any solution?

I require my order to be delivered, but your delivery slots are closed / unavailable for my timeslot. Any recommendations?

The Secret Garden

Venue Booking

What is the Secret Garden?

Where is The Secret Garden?

Why should I choose The Secret Garden for my celebrations?

What are the rates for The Secret Garden?

What are some add-ons / extra charges?

How do I make a booking for The Secret Garden?

Timing / Availability

Security Deposit

Venue Usage


Complimentary Items

What can I bring to The Secret Garden?

Can I engage my own decoration vendors?

Proposal Set Up FAQ

Prior to Proposal

How do I kickstart planning my proposal?

What is the process of booking for proposal set up slot?

Do we need to make the soft booking before confirmation?

Which dates are you available on? Are you available on ___?

How long in advance do I need to make the booking?

How long can we have the set up for?

Can we have the teardown to be on next day?

Does the package include photography / venue?

Venue Recommendations

Photographers / Videographers Recommendations

What should I look out for while deciding on the venue?

Hotel Room Proposal: Things to look out for

Hotel Room Proposal: Posisble Itinerary Plan

Other Venues Proposal: Things to look out for

Public/Free Spaces Proposal: Things to look out for

Important Points to Note

Advantages of getting us to help with your proposal

Day of Proposal

What to expect?

Flower Care

Preserved Flowers Care

How to take care of preserved flowers bouquet?

Should I remove the wrappers of the preserved flowers bouquet?

Should I spray water on the preserved flowers bouquet?

Can I put the preserved flowers bouquet in the fridge?