Difference between Preserved, Dried & Fresh Flowers







Preserved flowers are made when selected fresh, real flowers are soaked with glycerine (an all-natural product made) for weeks. During the process the flowers absorbs glycerine, replacing its water content with it.

The results? Flowers maintaining the structure, touch & feel of fresh flowers, with longevity for months & even years!



Dried flowers are also made from fresh,real flowers with an entirely different process. Fresh flowers are simply placed face down and left to hang in an airy / sunny area.


The result? Rustic / faded colored version of fresh flowers, with a crunchy touch & feel.


  •  Touch & feel of real fresh flowers
  • Vibrant Colors
  • ·Almost zero maintenance required
  • Lasts as-is for months to years
  • No pollen, allergens – perfect for everyone & even pets!
  • Fuss-free, low cost & easy process which can be done at home
  • Rustic Appearance
  • Suitable for most type of flowers


  •  Sensitive to humidity, sunlight
  • Higher costs compared to dried flowers
  • Not all flowers are suited for the process
  • Very brittle, breaks very easily
  • Eventually petals will drop
  • Rustic appearance may not appeal to everyone


 Place flowers where

  • Away from moisture (i.e. Toilets, Sinks)

Place flowers where

  • Airy & good airflow



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