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  • How do I place an order for a Plush Toy Bouquet?

    Step 1:
    Select your preferred Graduation Bouquet , & click "Add To Cart

    Step 2:
    Browse the Plush Toy collections below, and on your preferred Soft Toy's product page, click "Add To Cart"
    Graduation Plush Toys suited for 
    - PETITE bouquet: CLICK HERE
    - PREMIUM bouquet: CLICK HERE
    - All available Plush Toys: CLICK HERE

    Step 3:
    Continue with the Check-Out & Payment process, and you are done!
    (An automated confirmation email will be sent to your email)

  • How do I place an order? (Other than Plush Toy Bouquet)
    Step 1: At your desired items's product page, click "ADD TO CART
    Step 2: Continue with the Check-Out & Payment process, and you are done!
    (An automated confirmation email will be sent to your email)

  • Can I do Cash on Delivery / Collection?
    Cash on Delivery / Collection are strictly not allowed.
    All orders will have to be placed, paid and confirmed via our online shop before it is prepared for collection/delivery.

  • Can I come by your office/shop to view and purchase the item on the spot?
    No, our office is currently limited for self-collection of confirmed orders only.
    The images of our products are taken in-house so the pictures and description are true to the actual items.

  • Is _____ still available? Availability of _____? 
    Currently all our available products are listed on our website.
    You are able to purchase all available products via our website for an immediate confirmation! 

  • _____ is currently out of stocks on your website, can I check when will there be restocks?
    Do follow us on Social Media platforms (Instagram / Facebook) for news when there is a restock! 

  • How long in advance should I place my order?
    We would only require a full 24 hours’ notice for all orders. However, for bouquets we would recommend orders to be placed at least 3 days in advance for us to allow the flowers to be in perfect bloom and condition.
    For any other customized order, please place your order at least 5 days in advance

  • What flowers will be included in the bouquet? How many of each flowers will there be?
    As each of our bouquet is an individual bouquet crafted with only the freshest flowers of the day, each of our bouquet is different and there is no standardized design.
    But rest assured that the bouquet will look gorgeous and according to the colour scheme you have chosen!

  • Can I request a picture of how the bouquet will look like?
    We are able to provide you with the picture of the bouquet within 3 days after the delivery. 
    *Upon requests made when placing order only

  • Why am I unable to choose the type of flowers/design that I want for the Graduation Bouquet?
    Based on our experiences for Graduation season, there would be a drop in the quality/supply of flowers. We do not want to promise a certain design/flower and disappoint with poor-quality or substituting it with another flower on a momentous occasion. Hence, despite it being simpler to just replicate standardized designs, we will still choose to pick only the freshest flowers daily from our suppliers to secure quality and aesthetics of our bouquet.

    If you have a specific flower type/color scheme, you can place an order for the Customized Bouquet at least 5 days in advance. 


  • What is “Shipping Address” and “Billing Address”?
    “Shipping Address”: Recipient’s delivery address & details
    “Billing Address”: Sender’s address & details 
    For Self-Collection, the "Shipping Method" would take precedence over the "Shipping Address".  

  • Do I have to fill in the Billing Address/Sender's Information? 
    Yes it would be ideal if you fill in your details!
    Rest assured, we would only use the information to contact the sender when there is an issue with the order before delivery. 

  • Where is the Self-Collection?
    Weekdays (Monday to Friday)
    1pm - 7pm 
    BLK 1014 GEYLANG EAST AVE 3 #06-238 SINGAPORE 389729
    For collection of orders placed online only

  • How do I select the Self-Collection option?
    You are able to select the Self-Collection option under “Shipping Method” during the Checkout process.
    You can simply input your residence’s address in the Shipping Address/Billing Address during the checkout process. The "Shipping Method" would take precedence over the "Shipping Address".

  • How long does it take to deliver?
    You are able to schedule the date of delivery/collection! Simply select the available delivery/collection date upon checkout. We only will require 24 hours notice for all orders 

  • What are the Delivery Timings?
    There are 3 delivery timings:
    - 9AM to 2PM
    - 1PM to 6PM
    - 6PM to 10PM
    Delivery will be made to recipient anytime within the timeslot chosen.
    Requests for a specific timeslot for delivery is not allowed. 
    If you require the bouquet to be delivered at a Specific Timing, do opt for the Specific Timing Delivery option (+ $35)

  • How much is Delivery?
    (i) FREE orders above $59.99 
    (ii) $9.90/location* for orders below $59.99

  • Which locations do you deliver to, and where are your restricted locations? 
    Locations is not inclusive of:
    All Islands outside of mainland Singapore including Sentosa
    All Military Camps and Defense facilities
    All Police, special operations and SCDF stations
    All Military and Commercial Airports or Airbases
    All Naval Bases
    All Sea Ports and Shipyards (Jurong Ports, Jurong Shipyard, Keppel Shipyard, etc)
    All Airports including Changi Airport, Airline House, and high security areas
    Parliament House
    All Prisons or detention facilities
    All immigration checkpoints including Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints
    Senoko Incineration Plant
    Resort World at Sentosa
    All Power Statiions
    Tuas south Ave and surrounding industrial areas
    Embassies or Intenational schoolds with high security entry
    Marina Bay Sands
    Any general restricted area (Please call or email if you are unsure)

  • How does the Delivery work?
    You are able to select your preferred Delivery Timeslot under “Shipping Method” during the Checkout process.
    Delivery will be made to recipient anytime within the timeslot chosen.
    Requests for a specific timeslot for delivery is not allowed

  • I wish to send the item as a surprise, am I able to do it?
    If you will want to surprise your recipient, do input your Mobile Number as the Recipient's point of contact so he/she will not get notifications when our delivery team is on the way! 

  • I wish to send the item anonymously, am I able to do it?
    Yes! For all of our orders, there will be no receipt/sender’s information in the Delivery Order. If the Recipient contacts us for the Sender’s information, we would not reveal it as well!

  • What happens if the Recipient is not around to receive the item?
    The Standard Operating Procedure would be:
    • Our Delivery team would be contact the Recipient for instructions*
    • If the Recipient is uncontactable, we would contact the Sender for instructions*
    • If both Recipient and Sender is unavailable, the Delivery Team would leave the bouquet at the door by default
    • If Delivery team is instructed to bring the bouquet back to the office
      (i) Collection of the bouquet will be available on the next working day
      (ii) Re-Delivery will be charged at $10/location
      *Instructions: Leave at the door, or to bring it back to TOKI’s office

  • I require my bouquet to be delivered to be in the morning but I do not wish to pay extra for the Specific Timing delivery. Any solution?
    We would encourage to arrange for a night delivery to avoid paying extra for Specific Hour Deliveries

    Our bouquets will remain fresh overnight as long as it is left in cool temperature (e.g. Air condition room*, Cool room temperature), away from direct sunlight/heat, and left standing in an upright position.
    * Please do not leave the bouquet directly under the air-conditioner as it will be too dry for the flowers.



  • Keep bouquet away from direct sun & hot temperature
  • Ensure bouquet is constantly in an upright position
  • Take photos and tag us; we LOVE it!


  • Remove all wrappers, water bag and cotton
  • Fill a vase with water, enough to submerge all stems
  • Remove dead or wilting flowers, leaves and stems
  • Cut stems at a 45 degree angle, 2cm from the bottom
  • Place the flowers in water after cutting
  • Every 2 days, change the water and repeat Step 3 to 5


  • Find a dark, dry area with good air circulation
  • Secure the bottom of the flowers’ stems
  • Hang upside down to dry
  • Spray with hairspray